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VEVOR HVLP Paint Sprayer 500W/1300W Electric Spray Paint Gun with Air Hose 1300ml Container HVLP Spray Gun for House Painting

VEVOR HVLP Paint Sprayer 500W/1300W Electric Spray Paint Gun with Air Hose 1300ml Container HVLP Spray Gun for House Painting

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Brand Name: VEVOR

Origin: Mainland China

Power Type: Pneumatic

Model Number: JS-FB17AI/FB13F-T

Type: HVLP

Feed Type: Pressure

Certification: CE

Application: Paint Spray Gun

Usage: Home DIY

Cup Volume: 1300ml

Voltage/Frequency: 120V 60Hz

Max Viscosity: 100 / 150 DINs

VEVOR HVLP Paint Sprayer: Efficient and Delicate for a Variety of Spraying Tasks
Our HVLP paint sprayer provides precise spray control with its multi-functional nozzle and adjustable flow. It achieves efficient and uniform painting to meet various needs while saving time and cost. Experience a clean and high-performance spraying system with easy operation.
The painting quality is remarkable and delicate! Our paint gun achieves a fine painting effect, presenting flawless and exquisite results with each spray. Smooth and even coatings with clear and visible detail parts make your painting work more refined and elegant.
Delicate and refined spray effects! Our spray gun includes 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.6mm, and 3.0mm precision nozzles, suitable for high-precision spraying scenarios. Whether it's spraying fine details or detailed refinishing, this nozzle brings outstanding painting effects.
Our paint sprayers for home interior and exterior feature a 10ft power cord and a 10ft hose to ensure flexible use. The lightweight gun design, with comfortable hand-feel and shoulder strap, significantly reduces arm and hand fatigue, making your painting work more convenient and efficient.
Our electric paint sprayer is equipped with a 1300ml large container, providing you with a more convenient painting experience. The cup has scale markings, and you needn't frequently refill paint. Plus, disassembly and cleaning are simpler, providing you with a more convenient process.
Multiple patterns for all your needs! Our spray gun can produce vertical, circular, and horizontal spray patterns. Whether you need narrow spray lines, even circular coatings, or wide horizontal sprays, our sprayer meets your demands, making painting more versatile and professional.
Features & Details
  • 500W High-Speed HVLP Paint Sprayer: Swift and efficient! Our 500W/1300W paint sprayer delivers powerful spraying capability, enabling you to complete painting tasks quickly. The high-powered drive system generates higher pressure and airflow volume, ensuring exceptional efficiency and speed in every spray.

  • Extended Hose and Power Cord: Enjoy a flexible operating space! Our paint gun comes with a 10ft hose and a 10ft power cord, allowing you to move freely and extend your working range. No longer restricted by short spraying distances, you can easily paint large areas, improve work efficiency, achieve outstanding results, and experience more comfort due to the lightweight design of the strap and gun.

  • 1300ml Large Container: Continuous and efficient painting! Our paint sprayer for house painting features a 1300ml large-capacity plastic container, reducing the frequency of refilling paint. Focus on your painting work without frequent interruptions, increasing efficiency and saving precious time.

  • Precision Painting: 360° adjustable spray nozzle control! Our electric paint sprayer's nozzle design enables precise control over the spray area. By adjusting the rotation angle and painting distance, you can control the spray coverage accurately, achieving meticulous painting details and accurate results.

  • Wide Applications: Our spray gun is equipped with 1.0mm, 1.8mm, and 2.6mm nozzles, catering to a wide range of painting tasks. It provides a uniform and efficient spraying experience, suitable for various wall paints, wood paints, and diluted latex paints, meeting the demands of different scenarios.

500W Specifications

1300W Specifications

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