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Solar/USB Charging Automatic Watering Pump Controller Timing Drip Irrigation

Solar/USB Charging Automatic Watering Pump Controller Timing Drip Irrigation

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Type: Watering Kits


Reset key: all reset, the machine does not work.

Product size: about 8 * 6.4 * 5cm/3.15 * 2.52 * 1.97inch

Product packaging: boxed

Product material: PP

Model Number: Garden Watering Timer

Material: Plastic

Charging mode: solar charging/USB charging

Battery indicator: red light - red light goes out during charging - fully charged

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Watering Irrigation Timer Solar/USB Charging Garden Sprinkler Controller Power Indicator Spray Irrigator Gardening Accessories
1. Timing Watering Device: The pump and watering timer are combined in an automatic watering system to pump water from the container, which saves 70% water compared with traditional spray and plant irrigation emitters. Help you take care of plants on weekdays and holidays.
2. Provide Stable Flow and Deep Irrigation: Since the emitter is designed for stable pressure, it can provide relatively stable flow for your plants after correct setting; This can ensure that each water drip is working. You can increase or decrease the number of water drip to control the water flow.
3. Economical: Water timer saves water and time, effectively uses water resources, and improves automatic irrigation efficiency.
4. Travel/Work Helper: Solving your daily work and take care of plants when traveling. The automatic watering device can help you water on time every day, make plants grow healthier and more durable, and make your life easier.


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