Private Care Essential Oils


Product specifications: 30ML

Product Origin: Guangzhou, China

Ingredients: rose extract, head geranium oil, ylang ylang extract products, this product is combined with modern science and technology and plant essential oils. It is suitable for young and beautiful, pursuing skin elasticity, adding charm and vitality.

How to use it After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of essential oils to the body to massage the body.

Attention to quality 1, this product is for external use only, not for internal use.

2, sensitive skin, must be tested on the skin before use.

3, there are wounds, skin diseases, pregnancy, major diseases are prohibited.

4, protected from light, sealed, cryopreservation.

Awaken nature is tight and smooth

Massage essential oils to quickly enhance the charm of women, making you more confident and charming

01 The whole body is soft and silky botanical extract, which effectively moisturizes the skin and makes the skin smooth, soft and silky.

02 feminine charm is rapidly improving

The romantic rose scented around the body, moisturizing and fresh, sexy and elegant.

03 young and energetic youth forever

Inspires vitality, tenderness and whiteness, and is self-confident and fascinating from the inside out.

04 Romantic sweet quality life to raise the outside, balance the body and mind, and improve the happiness index. Fascinating radiance from the inside out.1 Protects the skin

Extract botanical ingredients to relieve nipple discomfort caused by breastfeeding and repair wrinkles.

2 improve dullness

Add a variety of botanical formulas to deeply nourish the skin and show youthful self-confidence.

3 ruddy skin

It is also rosy and smooth to improve the dull and yellow skin and dilute the pigmentation. Activate brightening and tenderness

Essential oils enter the privacy zone, and the active ingredients cover the private plant extracts to activate skin nutrition. Reduces skin, yellow, brown skin becomes white and clean. It also became much more comfortable.

Soluble pigments, you still pink

Activate damaged elastic fiber cells. At this time, the privacy is adequate and smooth. Dissolves the precipitated melanin, leaving the skin white and supple.

Skin firming and smoothing improves relaxation

Damaged elastic fiber cells, nourish and repair, have retractive power, firm and smooth, restore skin elasticity, and improve relaxation. The privacy is tight and tender.

Nourish, firm and moisturize

Intimate basal layer of elastic fiber cells regenerate, at this time as a girl full of vitality, aging disappears, reproduces elasticity, pink, as full of surprises as the first night.

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