Massage health comb


"Massage comb maintenance" made of natural materials, avoid humidity, high temperature, exposure, acid and alkali corrosion, avoid hard pull fold, fall. It is not recommended to use water, otherwise it will affect the service life.
[Massage Comb Cleaning] Brush the comb teeth with a small brush or toothbrush and dry them with cotton cloth before hanging them in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

[Warm Reminder]

1. Each air bag comb has an air bag hole, which is used for air inlet and outlet of the air bag. This hole is by no means a tooth drop. This air bag hole is a little smaller than the comb hole, and the comb teeth cannot fit in!

2. As soon as the comb comes off the production line, we will pack it immediately. We are eager to share the good product with our relatives. When we receive the product, there may be a slight smell of material. Our relatives only need to spread out the package and get some air outside, and the smell will reduce or disappear.


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