Lymphatic health stickers


1. Neck lymphatic drainage patch removes lymphatic congestion in the body and strengthens immunity during this process.
2. It can also beautify your skin, eliminate fatigue, and make your skin glow.
3. The surface provides a particularly strong massage effect, stimulating microcirculation into the tissue and promoting lymphatic drainage.
4. Reduce adipose tissue and fat cells, reduce AIDS in body weight
5. Stimulate the discharge of waste and toxins
6. Help treat insomnia
7. Remove contaminants from the blood that removes toxins from the liver

· Use LymphPads one hour before bedtime.
• Remove the sticky paper, and then slowly peel off the paper.
·Place LymphPads on the adhesive indicated on "Place the adhesive sheet on this side" and then around the neck.
· Remove LymphPad after 8-10 hours.

·Wipe the body parts of the body with a wet towel until it is no longer sticky.

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