Lazy thin waist weight loss circle


new design
With a new design, the hoop will not fall off. This product uses a sliding splint to massage the waist muscles in all directions, changing the traditional way of stirrup movement.
This product is detachable. It can be disassembled into 24 small pieces and sewn according to the waist size.
360 degree massage
This product has shock-absorbing massage contacts, which can achieve 360-degree surround massage. If you use this product, we can massage while exercising.
Soft gravity ball
The counterweight ball slides inertially, and massages every muscle of the waist 360 degrees. This product has multiple functions. It can beautify your waist and abdomen, your legs, your arms, and pull your hips.
Intelligent digital display
Intelligent digital display, multiple data can be switched freely, allowing you to accurately understand calories.
Easy to use
The user-friendly upper and lower double locks are easy to operate and easy to use.
Uses This product can be used in many places, such as at home, in gyms and courts. Suitable for students, office workers, mothers, etc., it can relieve fatigue, dredge meridians, tighten abdominal fat, etc.

Product Introduction:

Name: Magic Smart Hoop
Color: pink, blue and purple
Can be adjusted freely according to waist circumference

CJYDQTJM00917-Blue and Pink S-24knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Blue-24 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-S
CJYDQTJM00917-Blue and Pink M-24knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Blue-24 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-M
CJYDQTJM00917-Blue and Pink L-24knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Blue-24 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-L
CJYDQTJM00917-Pink and Pink S-24knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Pink-24 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-S
CJYDQTJM00917-Pink and Pink M-24knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Pink-24 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-M
CJYDQTJM00917-Pink and Pink L-24knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Pink-24 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-L
CJYDQTJM00917-Purple and Pink S-24knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Purple-24 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-S
CJYDQTJM00917-Purple and Pink M-24knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Purple-24 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-M
CJYDQTJM00917-Purple and Pink L-24knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Purple-24 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-L
CJYDQTJM00917-Blue and Pink S-30knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Blue-30 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-S
CJYDQTJM00917-Blue and Pink M-30knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Blue-30 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-M
CJYDQTJM00917-Blue and Pink L-30knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Blue-30 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-L
CJYDQTJM00917-Pink and Pink S-30knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Pink-30 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-S
CJYDQTJM00917-Pink and Pink M-30knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Pink-30 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-M
CJYDQTJM00917-Pink and Pink L-30knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Pink-30 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-L
CJYDQTJM00917-Purple and Pink S-30knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Purple-30 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-S
CJYDQTJM00917-Purple and Pink M-30knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Purple-30 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-M
CJYDQTJM00917-Purple and Pink L-30knots=CJYDQTJM00917-Purple-30 knots+CJNSFSYD00414-Pink-L

Packing list: 

Hula hoop set*1,

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