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1. Designed arc-shaped octopus scalp massager, which can perfectly fit the curve of the head to expand and contract, gently massage the scalp nerves, and relieve physical fatigue;
2. The claw scalp massager has 8 massage claws that can be removed, which is easy to carry, and the installation steps are simple. It is suitable for carrying when going out ;
3. For athletes, fatigued people, the elderly, office workers, drivers, and others suffering from headaches or stress;
4. Our product can be used in many ways, and it fits the curve of your head very well. When you feel tired, you can use it to relax;
5.  This massager can be a nice present. You can buy one for your family, your lovers, your friends etc. It can give everyone a different refreshed feeling.

Product Information:
Stimulate the scalp: It can also stimulate the scalp, promote hair growth, and promote blood circulation in the head.
Relieve pain: relieve muscle soreness, relieve muscle pressure after sitting at the desk.
Relaxation: Using this massage equipment, you can fully relax after a day of fatigue, which will make you feel very comfortable.
This design allows you to carry it with you and massage your head anywhere.
Product name: head massager
material: plastic
Power supply mode: USB
Applicable parts: head, waist, legs, etc.

Packing List
Head massager*1

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