Color fitness dumbbells

  • [Baby description]: Bright colors, light and flexible, exquisite workmanship, surface gloss, surface plastic can avoid damage to the floor, it is yoga exercises, aerobics, body sculpting and weight loss essential products, colorful small dumbbells, plastic dumbbells, environmentally friendly dumbbells

    [Specifications]: 0.5KG 1KG 1.5KG

    [Features]: Because the surface is covered with plastic, the safety performance is naturally improved, and there will be no impact on the floor, there will be no results of falling on the floor, and the neighbors downstairs will not have any opinions. (Because the surface layer dipping process needs to leave pores during processing, this is not a quality problem and does not affect the use, hereby explain.)
    [Suitable crowd]: It can be used by women, children, middle-aged and elderly people.

    Note: The color of this product is randomly shipped 1

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