80 Pcs Bottle Gold Osmanthus Eye Mask Women Collagen Gel Whey Protein Face Care Sleep Patches Health Mascaras De Dormir

Mild care eyes
Does your eye-care begin?
Do you know?
As one grows older, women's skin will decline after 25 years, the skin around eyes is very fragile and easy to be influenced!
Using cellphone  using IPAD   using computer
Multi-screen-light pollution
Urban women eyes  crisis
Cellphone, computer, ipad... Modern women look at a variety of electronic screens, strong radiation, the eyes sore, and with skin aging.
Method of use
Step1: Cleanse skin, makes skin clean.
Step 2: Paste eye mask, press gently with fingers to be closer.
Step 3: Take off the mask after 10-15 minutes, massage gently to help absorb, no need to washing again.
Shape bright and charming eyes
01 botanical skincare    natural nourishment nourish skin
02 skincare ingredient    Osmanthus essence
03 bright and charming eyes
04 extract essence   nourish and tender skin
05 rich essence   nourishing & embellishing
06  Mild

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