3MHZ LED Color LED Photon Massager



1.100% Brand New & High Quality
2.Lightwave care, deep clean the skin, replenishment ,smooth wrinkles
3.Eliminate dark circles,eye bags
4.Elimination of facial swelling, reduce the double chin, shape the face shape
5.With 36 adjustable phototherapy LED R/G/B modes
6.Phototherapy, ultrasonic function, deep cleaning, importing nutrition and lightwave care
7.Mini and stylish appearance, convenient to carry, easy to use
8.For both facial & body use.
1.Input: AC 100V-240V
2.Output: 15V 400MA
3.Frequency: 3MHZ
4.Weight: 150g
5.Dimension: 17.5 x 4.7 x 4.4cm
7.Red light: Repair Blue light: Clean Green light: Whiten
1.Sterilization, Treat Acne and promote the recovery of the acne
2.Reduce and regulate sebum secretion and promote metabolism
3.Promote lymphatic and blood circulation and improve cell regeneration
4.The vibration and heat generated by the electrode because of current conduction have sedative
and massage effects to skin.
Operation procedures:
1. Thoroughly remove make-up and impurities first. The ultrasonic waves skin-care treatment must be
performed on the cleaned skin.
2. Connect the machine with the electric adapter. Turn power on and the indicator light is on.
3. Apply appropriate portion essence on your face and avoid eye area. Please ensure the treatment area is well
covered with the essence.
4. Apply appropriate portion essence on the ultrasonic waves generator.
5. Once the machine begins to output Ultrasonic waves, the timer starts.After 10 minutes the machine will be
turned off automatically.
6. Please make sure that the ultrasonic wave generator is continuously gliding. Do not stop gliding in one area. 
Package include:
*1 x Facial Massager
*1 x Adapter
*1 x English Manual

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